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Accepted for my VISA

Too easy???

That was way too easy...

Not 48 hours after submitting my online request for a VISA, I received an email stating that I had been approved. There was no charge and all I had to do was print out my "e-VISA".

A bit skeptical about this but I've read through the terms and it seems to be valid from now through next May 15. Apparently, as long as I travel before May 15, 2008, I will be permitted into the country. Then, I will have to immediately fill out paperwork for a "work permit". I'll be allowed to live and work in the country for one year from the date of my arrival.

When going through customs, besides my passport and e-VISA, I am supposed to have "evidence of funds for maintenance in NZ and for the purchase of a return ticket from NZ". Did some research on this, and based upon what others are saying, I'll need a bank statement with approximately a balance of US$5000...although others say much less.

Another thing I heard that I would need is my proof of traveller's insurance. However, the documentation I received via email from the NZ Immigration Site did not mention this. Probably going to call to confirm the checklist...

Too easy for sure...and free?? Already a good decision.

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Applying for the Visa

Here goes...

-17 °C

Originally, I was torn between travelling to Europe or New Zealand (NZ). In Europe I could teach English and travel. In NZ I would find odd jobs while traveling and exploring. Eventually I decided on NZ. Why? I guess it was the thrill of the unknown and the excitement of possible adventure in such a rugged and untouched place. Not to mention the friendliness of the people, their lifestyle, the job opportunities...on and on.

After a couple months of exploring the internet. I determined that going through a company which provided some guidance for the move would be best. I searched as many options as I could find, and after a while I detemined that I would not use a company such as BUNAC. Instead, I would do the legwork all on my own.

BUNAC is a company that basically walks you through the entire process of moving abroad to NZ. They also offer programs to other countries and some great volunteer opportunities. Don't get me wrong, BUNAC provides a great service and would really take a bit of the stress off of during the planning phase...but half the fun is planning it all on your own, and to me, BUNAC seemed too expensive for the service they were providing. I would definitely recommend the company to others who are hesitant or worried about the whole process of getting a visa, insurance, a job, etc.

The benefits of BUNAC:

  • put you in contact with a travel agency to book a flexible airline ticket
  • have their own travel insurance tailored for the trip
  • hold a two day orientation in Aukland when you arrive to get you situated
  • provide 24 hr. contact number
  • arrange your first two nights accomodation in Auckland
  • guarantee you some kid of a job once there (may not be what you desire though)

The drawbacks of BUNAC:

  • require you to book a round trip ticket (only a one way is needed for entry, with proof of sufficient funds to buy a departure ticket - a copy of a bank statement)
  • require you to use their own insurance provider (another $500)
  • not as much flexability with your plans as doing it all on your own

To make the story short, I have chosen to do most of the grunt work on my own instead of paying another company to do it for me...

The first place to start was to apply for my Working Holday VISA. The NZ Immigration Website was actually very detailed and helpful, although it was a bit easy to get lost on by clicking on other interesting links. What intrigued me the most, was how encouraging the website was to visitors. By reading through the pages I discovered that they actually want foreigners to come visit and work in their country. They encourage foreigners to come and work in New Zealand. Check it out here.

For those of you who are not familiar, I am applying for a "Working Holiday Visa". These Visas allow citizens of certain countries to travel to NZ and work in non-permanent jobs. For Americans you have to be between the ages of 18-30. If approved your visa is good for one year from the arrival date. So...I am headed to NZ for up to a year!

I've done quite a bit of researching the different job opportunities and so far have found tons. There are numerous sites that list open jobs in NZ. I'll attach some of the more interesting ones below...

  • Horse Trekking Guide - We are looking for someone to start early june and work for us through winter. Your duties would include leading horse treks, as well as general horse care. You would need to have a valid working visa and drivers licence.You would be guaranteed 14 hours a week work in return for accomodation. If you work additional hours you'd get paid extra. Some experience riding horses and caring for them is necissary, but enthousiasm and willingness to learn are also very important. You'd be part of a small team, and being able to work independantely is an absolute necessity.
    Please state how long you're planning to stay and your horse experience when you apply.
  • Farm Helper - I am looking for helpers with a good attitude and a smile on their face to help me with my horses and general farm and housework..Great surroundings..10 min drive from the beach. We have 25 horses.
  • Bar Person - Motivated person wanted to work in city Irish bar. Some experience required. Duties include general bar and floor duties.
  • Live In Aupair /gardener - We need help to care for our three kids aged 8, 5 and 3. Assistance also needed with housework, cooking and gardening. We are almost finished building our house and gardens. Our property is 20mins drive West of Kaitaia and 10mins drive from 90 mile beach and Reef Point (good surfing).
  • Woofing - Cleaning Hostel - Two and a half hours cleaning, which involves making beds, washing linen, hoovering, mopping, gardening etc.. in exchange for free meals and room.
    We are a small friendly hostel with two large lounges, balcony overlooking sea and log fire.


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